DELTA MELETITIKI SA was founded in 2008 and is registered in the Register of Consultants of Y.YPO.ME.DI., with registration number 776. Created as a natural evolution of its long professional activity of the main shareholders, civil engineers Charalampos Zois and Dimitrios Zois.

DELTA MELETITIKI SA is providing services in the field of infrastructure and building projects in both the private and public sectors. At the same time, the main orientation of the company is to operate in the field of railway projects, covering in this sector a wide range of studies and services, such as :

  • Superstructure Railway Line studies
  • Superstructure Fixed Line studies
  • Cased Line studies
  • Layout design studies of the tracks inside stations and for the open line
  • Studies of civil engineering interface with operating systems Railway Electrification, Signaling, electromechanical Installations
  • Railway construction studies at the application level for railway installations - equipment.
  • Studies of consolidation superstructure and electromechanical Systems
  • Cost analysis of specialized rail operations
  • Cost Analysis and Development of standard tariffs for rail refurbishment and maintenance superstructure Line Electrification, Telecommunications, Systems Automatic level crossings and other fixed assets.
  • Preparation of tender documents for Rail Project and Operating Systems

The company offers solutions in all areas that operates, having secured the cooperation of well-trained associates, whose main objective is to achieve the best technical solutions, combining quality with cost effectiveness of construction.