Railway project studies

Ballasted track design study, slab track design study, Embedded track design study etc, Layer designs, construction studies interface with Operating Systems

Railway projects management

Cost analysis of railway operations, development of standard application, special design studies, studies interface with Operating Systems, railway signals studies etc

Infrastructure project studies

Structural design studies (aid concrete structures, culverts, buildings), studies of pavements, hydraulic design studies and road design studies.

Our company
We are a company with extensive experience in railway projects and installations

We offer comprehensive services in the design and management of infrastructure projects in the public and private sector. We have experience and expertise in the field of rail projects relating to construction of a new superstructure (ballast track and superstructure without ballast) and on renovations - maintenance of existing lines and railway installations of the operating Systems of Electrification - Signaling and Systems Automatic Level Crossings.

Our team consists of a core of experienced engineers with extensive experience in matters relating to our business.

 Our goal is to achieve the best and innovative technical solutions for the customer while also as a criterion of success security and economy of construction.

Our partners
Each of our partners is a specialist in his field and is employed according to the needs of each project.
is a matter of trust